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I Started as an Associate and Became a Million Dollar Practice Owner
“When I first started out as an Associate, my initial practice experience was disappointing, to say the least.
But then, I was fortunate enough to associate with a Five Star client, Dr. Larry Montgomery. He had taken Dr. Lloyd’s Win-Win Associate training prior to hiring me and he was a fantastic mentor.
We worked the Five Star program hard and it enabled me to grow a strong and stable practice in no time. ”

- Dr. Jeff Schels

Temple, TX 

Five Star helped us add two Associates and Grow into a Thriving Million-Dollar Practice
“Using Five Star methods my husband and I we were breaking new records for client numbers and revenue – so much so, we added an associate.
Every step of the way Dr. Lloyd provided the training and the coaching we needed to literally take things to the next level…and I mean several times over!
Not too long ago we brought on another associate and between the four of us we have a thriving million-dollar practice.
Now I spend most of my time managing staff and associates. I’ve become a serious student of all the Five Star procedures and each time I implement another one, we grow some more!”

Dr. Natalie Cordova

Houston, TX

Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside
the 4-Part Online Course

  • How to PREPARE right for an Associate - what's the groundwork you need to do in your practice BEFORE you even start recruiting? 
  • How to HIRE the right Associate - I'll cover everything from where to place your ad, how to do the interview and even how to make the offer so that you're seen as the prize, not them.
  • How to TRAIN your Associate - so they are successful, happy and making progress - delivering fantastic treatment for your patients, attracting their own new clients and really taking the pressure off you - right from day one.
  • How to LAUNCH your Associate - firstly into Profit and then into BONUS so both you and they are enjoying making money and being successful.
  • How to DUPLICATE the process - if one highly profitable and compatible Associate is a good idea, then perhaps TWO is an even better idea - I'll show you how to build your practice through great Associate Management
  • How to FINALLY get back some of your life, enjoy more time with your family and make MORE money, all while having LESS stress and MORE fun!

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Using my surefire method, I have already successfully opened 10 profitable offices
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AND this isn’t ancient history, I’m still opening them today!

I look forward to personally guiding you through the Win / Win Associate Development process.


Dr Noel Lloyd